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Reflective sheeting for Transportation

(High Intensity Grade PrismaticTM Reflective Sheeting) Đặc tính: AASHTO M268, ASTM D4956 và TCVN loại III và loại IV (cd/lux/m2) Góc tới Mã sản phẩm vnim XM 4xxx vnim XM 4xxx Bảo hành (năm) Góc quan sát 0.2o 0.5o 0.2 o 0.5 o 10 Trắng 3930 360 150 170 72 10 Vàng …

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Reflective sheeting for garment

Hight quality Engineering grade reflective sheeting any size and colours Reflective sheeting SPU  ( Decal): High Intensity Grade HIG (High Intensity Grade PrismaticTM Reflective Sheeting) Specifications: •    AASHTO M268, ASTM D4956 , TCVN  III – or IV.   Góc tới Mã sản phẩm 4o 30o Bảo hành (năm) Góc …

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Others materials

ABS: Hight quality ABS sheet PVC: Hard PVC sheet Pipes: All lipson pipe from high quality, all pipes (exrtrusions) are produced from high-precision of german technology made extrusion lines for high quality consistency and superior product finishing.

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About us

On behalf of the Board of Directors of VNIM.Co.,Ltd thank you for your interest in the development of our company. Wish you always healthy, success and happiness in life.         We imported many kinds of material and products for Industry line, our main customers are Vietnam companies and foreign companies in Industry …

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