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About us

On behalf of the Board of Directors of VNIM.Co.,Ltd thank you for your interest in the development of our company. Wish you always healthy, success and happiness in life.

        We imported many kinds of material and products for Industry line, our main customers are Vietnam companies and foreign companies in Industry zone.

       We are supplying many kind of materials in Viet Nam with high quality, they are imported from many countries and manufactured with high technology. Our materials are yours manufacturing solutions such as: CLP branch, signs board, Plastic consumption branch, motor parts, paint for car, paint for construction… with high quality materials is not only make yours production works in good way but also is more affordable and accessible to consumers and businesses around Vietnam.

On the path of development, we look forward to cooperating with you based on the principles of transparency, consensus and mutual benefit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we know deeply that the development path ahead is tough but we are committed to always agree and effort.

We have faith and hope to get your confidence.


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